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All our centrifuges have the CE mark and are registered as medical devices. We also have a quality management system that complies with the standards PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and PN-EN ISO 13485:2016-04.

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The MPW centrifuges are widely used for applications in medical diagnostics. They allow diagnosticians to receive fast and reliable results of routine tests such as morphology, biochemistry, coagulation, or urinalysis. They are also used for measuring the haematocrit levels and for classifying blood group. The MPW laboratory centrifuges have been proven in use in cytology, providing quick and accurate results. They are also indispensable in orthopaedics or aesthetic medicine where they are used to prepare platelet-rich plasma (PRP).


The MPW centrifuges are extremely popular in scientific research centres. They are used for research and scientific purposes in laboratories at universities, in institutes of technology, medical schools, research institutes and agricultural schools. Centrifuges were also developed for applications in biotechnology. This is an interdisciplinary field of science that combines microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, and biotechnology. Biotechnology is any technological application that uses biological systems to make or modify products or processes for specific use. Laboratory centrifuges are indispensable for separating, purifying and concentrating enzymes, cells, stem cells, DNA and other molecules, and for developing production process of new chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic methods, biosensors, or new plant varieties.

Chemical scienceChemical science

Laboratory centrifuges are standard equipment in chemical and cosmetic laboratories to work with mixtures, emulsions, suspensions, and sedimentations. They are used for physicochemical analysis of cosmetic products or household chemicals.


The MPW centrifuges are used in veterinary clinics for blood, urine, or general testing applications (morphology, biochemistry, coagulation tests, urinalysis, haematocrit, cytology, DNA tests, haematology). They are also used to prepare samples for stem cell testing, in IRAP therapy (natural treatment of degenerative joint diseases in big and small animals), for parasitological tests (for parasites) and cancer diagnosis (CYTO).

Environmental protectionEnvironmental protection

Laboratory centrifuges are used to analyse water and soil to assure their quality. Water samples are tested for the presence of chlorophyll A or pheophytin. Wastewater treatment plants carry out tests to detect parasite eggs in samples of waste and sewage sludge.


The MPW laboratory centrifuges are used in the food industry to analyse food to ensure its highest quality. They are essential in fat processing plants, sugar factories, potato processing plants, breweries, distilleries, and dairies. Our centrifuges are used there to test honey, microbiological purity in meat, fruit, vegetables, and milk fat content. The MPW centrifuges are also used in the petrochemical (refinery) industry to determine water content in crude oil and petroleum products.

Molecular gastronomyMolecular gastronomy

The MPW centrifuges have gained an interest for kitchen applications as chefs are increasingly willing to apply molecular gastronomy techniques to prepare their dishes. The process of centrifuging the simplest ingredients exudes incredibly rich flavour, new colours and forms, while preserving most vitamins and minerals, thereby making the dishes not only more aromatic and effective, but also healthier.

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