Cooking experiments with centrifuge in the leading role

Molecular, experimental, avant-garde, progressive, emotional – these are just some adjectives of many used to describe new style in the gastronomy industry, which is becoming increasingly popular not only in the world, but also in Poland.

How would you call those who passionately discover the secrets of this style of cuisine? Are they chefs, scientists, artists, or magicians? One thing is certain: they indefatigably seek the perfect taste, aroma and unconventional, innovative culinary solutions. Innovation, flexibility, and creativity are the characteristics we strive to follow when working on our equipment, therefore we are glad to have been able to work lately with a person who holds onto the same values at work.

Łukasz Dudziński, chef of Grape restaurant in Wrocław, tested our MPW-352 centrifuge while creating new dishes. Although he himself refuses to call his cuisine „molecular” because, as he claims, he uses few techniques typical of this style, he does not deny that the possibility of combining gastronomy with science and using unconventional solutions is his great passion. As he says, cooking is a series of physical and chemical processes, therefore his kitchen is a kind of laboratory in which the centrifuge plays a very important role. With sunflower seeds centrifugal process, he managed to make an extremely aromatic and impeccably pure sunflower seed oil. Those who had a chance to try yoghurt watery part produced by yoghurt centrifugation process, were delighted with its fresh, excellent taste.

Not to mention aromatic sauces based on centrifuged beef sirloin plasma. And yet another, no less spectacular classic: tomatoes turned after centrifugation into aromatic water ideal for popular drink and essential tomato mousse used as a base for sauces or soups.

The process of centrifuging the simplest ingredients exudes incredibly rich flavour, new colours and forms, while preserving most vitamins and minerals, thereby making the dishes not only more aromatic and effective, but also healthier. Given that more and more people are starting to pay attention to healthy lifestyles and diet, molecular techniques every day gain more and more supporters, both among chefs and customers in restaurants.

As you can see, people who are passionate about cooking, new flavours, colours and aromas and have the right equipment can create amazing works of art in their kitchen lab. The only limit is – as always – our own imagination.

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