Can one spin X [name of substance] in MPW centrifuges?

It is not allowed to centrifuge explosive and inflammable materials in MPW MED. INSTRUMENTS centrifuges. Toxic or infectious materials can be centrifuging only in closed, sealed bucket. Detailed recommendations contained in the User Manual (section: Safety notes).

Can one carry out sterilization of MPW centrifuges and accessories by means X?

Sterilization of MPW MED. INSTRUMENTS can be carried out by means of the measures listed in the User Manual for the centrifuge (chapter: Maintenance/Sterilization). The use of other resources from the specified may cause reduction of durability or change the color of the product. For any information on the impact of the measure on the elements of MPW made of steel, aluminum and plastic (including elements covered with galvanic or lacquered coatings), and of the effectiveness of the sterilization one should inquire the supplier means X.

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